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Or euros if you are in Europe, pounds if you are in Britain, sheep if you are in New Zealand, etc, you know what I mean.

How would your life change?

What would you change about your life, what would you keep the same?

Would you keep working? Would you keep your money a secret?

And, most importantly, would you buy a jetpack?

Talk to me, Pit.
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Or euros if you are in Europe, pounds if you are in Britain

Think about that for a second.
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I am so pissed off that the title was just a scenario and not what I thought it was.
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Pay my uni bills, put the rest into savings. It's certainly a lot of money, but it would run out quickly if I started throwing it around. I guess I'd waste a bit of it on a new amplifier.
I wouldn't spend all of it in one go.
I'd try keep my life as normal as possible. I'd get myself a vintage Les Paul and a vintage Marshall Valve amp, get the same for my guitar playing friend. Pay my mates uni bills, pay my parent's mortgage. I would just keep everything as it is.
I'd buy a new guitar or seven, buy an amp and a lot of pedals, then save the majority of the rest of it
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I would get a nice new bass and rig, then pay off my parent's morgatge and save the rest of it.

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i'd never go back to school

i'd go back to school just to rub it in.
buy a house. buy a car. buy several guitars and some amps. still left with over 1 mil, and I would inverst the rest.
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I'd still work, spend some, save some and give a plenty of it away...

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sheep if you are in New Zealand.

That never gets old.
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I liked the other thread more where I got to believe I won 250 million dollars.

Anyway, I would probably buy some new guitar stuff and such. Save the rest.
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Well I'd use it to make our apartment look like not a shithole. But other than that a lot won't change. Most of it will be put in a bank and used only when needed. I wouldn't be the type to move into a mansion buy 3 pools 7 SUV's and 5 hoes. I don't need attention.
Why thank you, I'll PM you my bank details

I would go back to uni and get a phd without worrying about finances, and buy my families mortgages out, and get an Aston Martin DB9, and a maybe 3 bedroom cottage, but then I wouldn't do anything extravagant after that.
I'd help my family with paying back things and I'd travel alot with my new motorcycle. Then I'd probably try to finish my education.

I am currently 19. 66+19=85 So essentially I can live an alright standard of life for the rest of my life without working at all.

But really I would probably give a couple of hundred thousand to each of my parents (paying my childhood debts to them, in a manner of speaking), maybe have a little trip somewhere, pay all my uni stuff now, probably buy a nice new computer, and then until the end of uni just give myself a decent amount per month to live off.
End of uni buy a house get a job and you're pretty much back to normal levels of life.

But I do always wonder if I won the lottery if I'd tell everyone. I think it'd be ace just to slowly start acting more extravagant and how long it took people to realise.
Of course I'd buy a jet pack!

And then a Marshall stack. The rest would go into a new guitar and savings for when I get my own apartment.
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I have no concept of how much could be done with 2 million dollars, so I'll pretend you said infinity money.

I'm unemployed, so I'd find it difficult to keep working. I'd move out into a decent but not particularly special apartment, then use it to make some kind of home studio, and turn the demo I'm working on into an actual proper album that I could release myself.
Me and my friend have a sorta pact to buy each other our dream guitar gear if either of us wins. So yeah, I'd do that. Buy all my dream gear (and maybe some extra). Do something nice for my family such as a really good holiday or holiday home even. The rest, I would save.
If I had two million dollars, then I'd be rich.

I'd try and buy some manners with the money and get a tongue transplant. My tongue is too sarcastic and insultive
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Meh, pay my uni fees, parents mortgage, some to charity, invest in property.
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Get Gibson to make me my custom guitar, then live well but still work for the rest of my life.
Well if you put it in a savings account with 2.5% interest, you'll be making about $50,000 a year. You could live off that until you turn 59 1/2 and put it into a 401k with 5% interest and make around 100k a year, essentially living off interest with plenty to spare should you ever need to dip into it a bit.

EDIT: I can't remember if interest is taxed, that might impair things a bit. Even so, working a job until you put everything into the 401k wouldn't hurt either.

EDIT: Yeah it is. In all reality I'd probably use it to pay off a nice house and car, that way I'd already be set not having to pay house or car payments. Stash the rest in savings/401k to keep making money from it.
maybe if you had a
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Buy property/house, make house as self sufficient as possible (electricity/hot water), fill house with as much awesome as I can (furniture, guitar/bass gear, studio) continue working and pay very little in the way of bills for the rest of my life till retirement.
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i would use MOST of it, to go to a third world country and build a sweet little village where at least a few people could live comfortably and not have to worry about starving all the time.. then when thats all done I would take about 200,000$ and bring it home with me and play guitar and write music and jam with people all day until I get to the level where I want to be
i'd quit all of my crappy jobs and travel the world
enoy life....
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I would probably live quite modestly, buy an ordinary house and car etc and just have the money in the bank as a safety blanket for my family. I would also probably give my friends some, not sure how much though because I wouldn't be sure how they would spend it, the money would also allow me to travel the world which is definitely on my to do list if my finances allow it.
I think I would get the hell out of this country. Buy a nice house in an other country and live there happily, buy some nice gear and invest the rest.
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First I would move to Britain so I can get the amount in pounds.

Then I would give it all to charity.


Well no actually, but I've got some ideas:

- panda bone nut

- Nuclear powered 2 megawatt amp. Then I can just point it at some country I hate and just play an E5.

- buy the pope, dress him up like the emperor from star wars and have him say "I am not amused!" in that typical dry-mouth geezer voice.

- case of beer (I'm all out)

- launch a satellite into space which can sterilize anyone on the planet (humanity will thank me thousands of years in the future)
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