its like a reverse LBP-1 Boost! the way i see it, that won t work like a true attenuator, just a reverse volume. srsly. the overdrive will still be f*cking loud, cleans will be whatever you set this to.
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Hmm, well I'm after an attenuator but the only other ones I know of you need to get installed - does anyone know much about attenuators and the usual price of a good true bypass tone one?


If its an attenuator, it usually goes inbetween your amp head and the speakers.

If its one like the EH that your talking about, than they are designed to be put in an effects loop to effectively act as a master volume control.
well I just need to know the different forms of attenuators - i know some amps have them built in but the 50w i'm going to buy doesn't so would a pedal be the best form of attenuator without loss of tone for less than say £100?


There is no such thing as a pedal attenuator that attenuates the whole sound so you can get power tube distortion. What amp are you getting? Is it head n cab or combo? A lot of people on here reccomend the Weber attenuators.
combo.. hopefully a jcm800.. and ill check those out

~EDIT: oh im starting to understand, it goes between the amp and speaker.. i wasn't sure how it was connect but okay, so is there any particular weber one anyone would suggest? thx


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