Me and my mate are starting up a metal band that will kick the ass of the UK!

I'm currently programming the drums, and playing the rhythm guitars, and my band mate Andy V is playing the solos.

here our myspace page is with some rough samples and a half finished song - http://www.myspace.com/sinisterhaven

We are looking for a talented singer who is able to scream and growl, as well as sing clean.

Male and females are welcome to join, as long as you can sing like you say you can, then you can rock out with us

I am 17, and Andy V is 16, so we would rather have a singer who is aged around 15-18 as this is pretty close to both of our ages!

We are also based in North London, I live in Islington and Andy V lives in the Barnet area, so you need to live in the area or be able to travel to there

Come on people! Message me on my MSN at muckypup1@gmail.com and join our band