So I'm going to buy a new amp soon, budget is $350-450. Anyone got any suggestions? I mostly play blues and rock and the occasional metal.

I want something with great cleans and good gain, doesn't have to be capable of metal. So, suggestions?

Amps available here are:

Line 6
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Stay away from Line 6 and Fender amps, and I suggest you try out the others yourself and pick whatever you think sounds good.
Stay away from line 6 I can understand that, but fender? I was thinking those amps could pull off some nice cleans, lol. I play at church so I kinda need something that's nice sounding.
I have absolutly no idea why anyone would tell you to stay away from Fender, some people give some terrible advice.

You said that you wanted an amp with great cleans that dosn't have to be capable of metal, Fender sounds pretty perfect. Depending on how gainy you would also like the amp to be able to get.

Stay away from Line 6 in that price range though yeah.

What kinda tones are you going for, name some bands that you would like to sound like tone wise or something.
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I got surprised myself too (no offense meant to Bg0) as I've heard quite a lot of good things about Fender cleans though I want to try out other amps that might have the sound that I want.

Well it's like this....

I listen to:

Avenged Sevenfold
John Mayer
Stevie Ray Vaughn
The Shadows
The Beatles

but my band plays:

compositions (pop *sigh)
RnB crap like Lady Gaga

I play in church too so I need something that's easy on the ears
the fender's in that price range might not be tube and if they are ss than yeah they are awful.
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