Hey guys, just need some advice for my tone hunting.

I'll just get right onto it and tell my current gear:

Mesa F-50 Head
Framus 2x12 cab
Squier Stratocaster
No effects pedals

Okay, I bought the amp because I was into music that involved fairly high gain. In terms of that side of music, the amp is awesome for it, I couldn't be more pleased.

Now, I've been listening to a lot of blues and I might be doing something wrong, but I can't get a blues tone that I like from the amp. I'm going to sound really stupid now, but I really like the cleans on the Mesa but its not... the same sound of clean I'm looking for. (Yes, I'm expecting comments like U N00BZ :/) I'm looking for that nice blues thick warm clean with the ever so slight od onto it. Now I know how many guys keep going on about it, but I'll admit, I'm kinda routing for the John Mayer tone. Dumble tones to be precise tbh.

What shall I do?

Is it simply me not equing right? Maybe I can get a better amp? Any pedals I should look out for?
I know my guitar could affect the potential of the amp. Since I only have a budget of £300, is it worth to buy a better guitar in tone wise?
Hmm, rather than get rid of the Mesa I'd just pick up a smaller amp you can use for Blues, a Fender Blues Jr or something along those lines would be very nice for blues. Maybe if you can find one used you could try get a Peavey Blues Deluxe.

No point selling the Mesa if you love the tone. Plus, not many people are buying expensive amps at the moment.
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If you're happy with the guitar, then don't worry about buying a new one. One thing you could do though, is change the pick-ups, as you already have a good amp. Squier pick-ups arn't all that.

How are you EQing at the moment?

Obvious things like using the neck or middle pick-up for the warmer sounds will obviously help.

Also, does the Framus have Vintage 30s in? They arn't the best speakers for blues.

Pedals might help, but I wouldn't look there first personally.

For £300 you could buy new pick-ups and new speakers.
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Yeah like Ben said, hold onto it, and buy something slightly more low end.

Because you WILL want to go back to the high gain stuff, and you'll miss it and end up have an excellent blues amp, buy not good for your high gain things.
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Buy a smokey amp and run it through your cab (yes it can power any cab) there good for bluesy tones
get a small 250 buck amp, you can get pretty good stuff for that amount of money.
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Either get a smaller amp and hook it up to your cab, or buy a screamer/boost pedal to drive your cleans into some dirty tones.
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