I realised that whenever i am angry i listen to one particular album, which is ascendancy by trivium, I was just wondering if any body else did this for any moods, do you have a happy album or a sad album? if so what are they?
I was also just curious, do you think this affects us psychologically, if we always listen to an album when we are in a particular mood, will listening to this when we are in a different mood put us into the usual listening mood? ( i hope that made sense to someone )
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The only album I even listen to atm is Sound Awake by Karnivool. It seems to fit every mood and I love every song.
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Sad album, Waking the Fallen - A7X.


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I don't have any particular albums.
If I'm angry, I listen to calming music like Sigur Ros.
If I'm sad, I'll listen to upbeat, happy music.

I think listening to angry music when you're angry is never a good idea.
I will always crank Appetite For Destruction - GNR - when i feel angry or in any mood really, every song connects to a common emotion or moment in my life.
For every mood at the moment - Only Revolutions / Biffy Clyro
When I'm generally sad - Takk / Sigur Ros
Angry - Three Cheers For Disappointment - Arrogant Sons of Bitches
Happy - Parkway Drive or Biffy.

Also, when I'm thinking about a particular ex, I'll put on Flight of the Conchords. Always makes me feel better

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