Im 15 have 200$ to spend i either wanna put some EMG's in my prs or buy some mics for doing some basic vocals and micing up my cab wich one should i get =\
What pickups do you have?
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You'll get a nice condencer for 200 bucks. It will serve your recorded tone way more than a new pickup.
You do have a Unit with Phantom power right?

If not, some good dynamic mics wont be bad either...but if you have phantom power get the Condenser mics
i've got a prs SE paul allender older modle in purple so it's not the new red one that comes with EMG's . . .:| should waited out :L
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Get an SM57 and a condenser mic and put caps over your PU's.

This. Or if you don't already have a decent direct box, buy that first. Without a good direct box with a decent preamp, nothing you plug into your computer will sound good, so you ought to start there.

Also, condenser mics are extremely bad for guitar cabinets. They distort like crazy with super loud noises, and you may actually ruin the mic. The 57 is the way to go if you're only going to own one good mic. It does vocals better than vocal mics do cabinets.