To measure my progress?skill as a player? Not just talking technique here I mean like everything.
you could try filming yourself, maybe weekly, and then watching it back in a few weeks/months and see how much you've progressed
Record yourself every month and listen to yourself. Keep the previous recordings too, so that you can really listen to your progress over a long period.

Also imo, it will come from seeing others play. When you hear someone else, it's easy to spot their weaknesses, which also makes it easier to judge yourself. For example, I thought I sucked for a long time, but when I hear my friend play, I usually go "Oh I do that better, I do that better, he does that better, etc". It made me realise my weaknesses and strenghts.
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Ya, make videos of yourself. And also one thing I've noticed has really helped me is creating a YouTube channel and posting videos every once and a while. This is good for many reasons. For one thing, it lets people know how good you can play guitar. It also lets you go back and see how you have progressed like the previous post said. But it also motivates you to learn new songs and get better. If you have people that follow your videos, you will always want to post new videos of covers, original songs, stuff like that.
Record/film yourself like others have suggested. I don't need to do this as there is stuff i couldn't play and now i can magically play it...i can remember not being able to so i know i've made certain progress. Technique isn't the be all and end all anyway, in my opinion the ability to be able to play many chords and improvise in many different keys is the key to being a good guitar player - your ability to make music in other words. Plenty of technique junkies on youtube that can't write a good song or musically improvise for toffee.