I got this for an Explorer project I had in mind but I've lost motivation & moved on to a strat project. I'm probably selling the Explorer as just the body/neck later on.

For now I am selling the EMGs. Its all wired from a Gibson DC they are in perfect condition. I'm only wanting about £85 posted kinda need a quick sale.

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trade for a JB and Jazz?
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I'll take them off you for £85 man. How would you want paying? through paypal or would you prefer cash in hand? etc etc, would you be prepared to meet in person if possible?
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Still available? Also, are you doing Paypal?

Yeah still available & yes I take Paypal.
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How much lower are you thinking? PM me & we'll sort something out.
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are these still up for grabs? if they are mint condish i will happily take them off your hands for £85
Yeah they are in perfect condition, still have the EMG logo visible as you can see on the picture.
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