Alright, there are two songs in my profile, one labeled "Crispy Tone Test" and the other labeled "Damp(ened?) Tone Test". The crispy on simply has a higher treble. I didn't use monitors so forgive me if they sound like SHIT.

Regardless, tell me how it sounds on your speakers, what, if you can, needs to be rolled back or changed, and, if you like either, which you like the best.

C4C as always.
I would bring the mids down on the crispy one, not by much, but definitely bring them down. Dampened one sounds fine to me.

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Thanks, and yeah, I'm leaning toward the dampened one too. I'll keep on experimentin' though, can always have a better tone.
Dang, the crispy one nearly killed me with highs, should of turned down my stereo before I played it.

The damp one sounds slightly better, but still way to much highs, and that's mainly due to too much gain. I normally record a metal tone using about 1/4th less gain than I do when I jam, cause the gain builds up in your recording program, to get a good metal tone you honestly don't need that much gain.

Turn your gain down, and the problems should go away. Now the songs, are badass, if you can prefect your tone, and get these songs down, I think you'll have something awesome.

Crit mine?