I've saved up a lot of money this month so I've decided like any other guitarist to blow it all on gear lol But seriously....I'm looking to upgrade my rig to make it easier setup/playability. I'm going to buy the Voodoo Lab GCX/Ground Control which means I obviously need a rack case to put all my stuff in it but I'm not sure if the cheap ones on Rondo Music are good or pieces of shit. http://www.rondomusic.com/rc41006ubk.html . On musiciansfriend there is http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Musician's-Gear-Rack-Flight-Case?sku=541797 for the same price but they have shitty reviews so I dont know if I can trust the CNB. Has anybody had any experience with these types of cases? If they're crap I guess I'll have to splurge and get the Road Runner cases. There isn't going to be a lot in it so it won't be heavy. I eventually want it to be like this:

Power Conditioner (buy that later)
Voodoo Lab GCX
dbx compressor/gate (buy that later)
Drawer of pedals/line 6 podxt
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they`re both proper flightcases.

if you`re looking for extremely highend though


they do international orders.

read the reviews on the musicianfriends case...not exactly glowing, depends on whether your using them at home or gigging

it sounds like you're trying to sell me those cases haha I want cheap which is why I'm looking at the CNB or musicians gear. Anybody else?
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I got a 6 space rack for my bass gear off ebay...it's been through hell and back and is still going strong.