Well,I wrote this song at school,at a time that I was bored!It's mine,although I stole the title from the Avenged Sevenfold song...Plz comment!

Part A:
I am alone tonight,
And I'm staring at the rain,
The thunders do not sound,
But my heart feels the pain,
It hurts,it cries!
Whatever existed in it is dying!

Chorus A:
Gone!I've been far away!
But I'll find my way!
I will go on!
Cold!Are my days in gray!
Darkness and decay!
Since you broken my dreams!

Part B:
Justify all my sins,
What's hiding under my skin?
(It's)taking away my soul,
I'm gonna break death's walls,
Her veil!Her shroud!
Her halo,hid all her sins!

Chorus B:
Take me!Where the magic is!
Outside my way!
So far away!
I!Have been gone so deep!
Once in my dreams!
Never gonna do that again!

Part C:
The streets of broken dreams I walked,
Trying to find a way home,
No stars to show (me) the way,
Just obstacles to keep me away,
Elusive is my cure,
But I'll never know,I'm sure...
I was hurt I cried,
But at least I haven't died!
Or did I?

Chorus C:
Death!He has found his ways!
Driving me insane!
I'm gonna break his walls!
I have found my end,
But I won't give up,
I'm not dying today!