changed my strings on my ibanez RG420 and the lockin trem went reali back i managed to fix it but not sure if it a bit high.

Did you change gauges?
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it needs to go back a bit more, turn the spring claw screws a 1/4 of a turn clockwise, the baseplate need to be parallel to the body. retune and repeat the process until it is, if you are getting close, then reduce how much you turn the screws.
how low or high does the trem need to be by using the allen key on the screws nearest to the bridge show on pic 2
you mean the studs that set the action, that`s personal preference as long has you have no fret buzz...get the bridge angle sorted 1st......
DO what Ibanez God has said, looks like you've gone up a string gauge.

a floating trem works by string tension being equalled by spring tension in the back at rest. So currently string tension is higher than spring tension pulling it out of equilibrium, tighten your springs.