I want to learn to have control over my solos. Not just play notejibberish from a pentatonic or blues scale. When i solo know i just come up with random licks from the pentatonic. Anyways, i know it will take loads of hard work and time, but i will be able to come up with a solo like, say the solo in "Tornado of souls".

I know Marty friedman solo alot around the chords that goes along in the back, but i don´t know how to do that.

Im a newbie on soloing if you havent noticed x)

anyway, how do i get control, and solo around chords, and how do i get my own sound?

Thanks, it would mean alot if you helped me out here haha!
One way could be figuring out a melody using the notes from the chords/scale. Then after you've figured out a melody, add shredjibberish.

Really, watching Marty's video can help. I'm pretty sure he explains what he's doing.
It sounds to me like you're trying to do too much too quickly.

You need to memorize/learn the fretboard, be aware of the name of the note you're playing at all times. Following a chord progression won't seem nearly as confusing then, also.. break out of the penatonic into full major and minor scales.
You need to start slow. Your brain/ears/fingers can't create fast interesting licks if you can't come up with simple phrasing first.
Oh yeah.

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