I was at a gig yesterday and the bassist turned up with a full stack consisting of a head and 2 cabs (not so odd) what was strange was that he had a 4x10 stacked on a 1x15.

-Is this in fact pretty common and i/m just a doltz for not having seen it before?
-What would it do to the sound?
-He was mic'd from the 1x15 rather than the 4x10, does that mean the sound was probably mainly 1x15ey (thuogh the gig was small, probably very little gain on the mic)
-Is it likely he had a crossover behind sending the lows to the 1x15 and the rest to the 4x10 or was it probably just straight?

I just found it a bit strange having not seen that kit up before, anyone else do something similar?
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I was going to go with a similar set up for my own gigging. Except 2x10 and an 1x18.

Also, Traynor makes a cabinet that is equipped with a 2x10 and a 1x15 + horn.

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Never would have thought that to be strange, thats the exact setup I used to have until I traded away my 15 cab like a fool...
The classic Trace Elliot stack was 1x15 + 4x10, what isn't classic is micing up bass, DI-ing is the norm.
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