Just unscrewed the metal grill on my SM58 to find the foam that is inside of it (I think this should be covering it so you can't see the metal grill from the inside, right?) isn't covering the whole thing.

I can't recall much popping when using it, but I would rather be safe and replace it.

Is this normal or should it be repaied?

Also, does something like this over the end of an SM57 do the same job as the grill on a SM58 does? :

at school we have sm57's that dont have much of a cover on them, if you say something like pinapple it pops xD. its like BANGine aBANGle
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This doesnt seem to pop much but its acting like a SM57 - the foam inside is torn and not covering the part you talk into - it's just around the outside (you wouldnt talk into it there).

I'm wondering how you would fit some more foam in there, or do you even need to? If someone could unscrew their SM58 head and take a picture of the inside of the metal cover that would be very helpful!
The SM57 and SM58 use the same pickup, and for recording purposes you're better off using a pop filter rather than foam covers for either. For stage use the SM58 is superior for vocals, though, because it has decent screening. I'm not sure what's wrong with your SM58, if anything, but if plosives in studio recording are your problem then I'd invest in a pop filter.
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Haven't got my audio interface yet (ordering on tuesday ) so it's not recording that's the problem. If anyone could take a picture of the inside of their metal grill it would be helpful.

if its not affecting the sound quality of it, then it doesnt really sound like a problem. screw the cover back on and relax
I read somewhere that if you email shure they will send you a new foam inside bit (or charge you a small price). Might as well do that - then I know it won't be affecting the sound quality.