My friend recommends it, but I wanted to get the opinions of anyone here that has? What do you think?
Depends.. If you're just using it to jam with some PA monitors.. probably fine. If you're recording, its.. ok.

I had the alesis multimix 8 usb. I found it was not so good. If you need something just to get sound from your pedals, guitars, mics to your computer.. it works.

But, it simply sends a stereo signal so no really after mixing is possible if you record more than one thing at a time. And you have to do some weird stuff to it in order to monitor sound coming into the mixer from both the instruments and the PC.

What do you want to do with this mixer?
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Well I want to record guitars and piano with it into my laptop. And just record some demos and mix them with some hip-hop type beats from the mixing software and also layer my voice over them.