Ive been playing bass now for just over a year, and was looking to upgrade from my Gear 4 music G4 bass that i started with.

I play mostly stuff like Green Day, Blink, Ramones, Sex Pistols. Mixed in with a bit of Led Zep, AC/DC etc.

Someone reccomended the Mike Drint P-Bass, which sounded quite good when i tried it.
But i was also looking at the Ibanez ATK310 Bass, but was wondering if it has a quite punchy sound or not.

Any help much apperciated.
I've always preferred the P-bass for anything punk related; plus it's still viable in rock/metal. I think it's sound overall fits your preference more accurately than the Ibanez. I hate having someone else's name on my gear though, so that's your call
The ATK basses are all really punchy man and looking at all of the punk you play it would sound really good. And others will probably disagree with me but I think they'd sound a little better on some of the classic rock than the precision.

As much as I don't like Fender, the Precisions would also be perfect for you. IMO P-bass to me actually means Punk bass. Granted it can be used for many genres but thats just how I stereotype it. So whether you get the Mike Dirnt or Standard Precision or whatever various P basses you'd be doing well.

Also check out the Sterling basses (MusicMan's budget line) The Ray34 or SB14 would both sound really good in the punk setting and would both be awesome for your classic rock.

And a Warwick Rockbass would be pretty good but if you could find a used Warwick $$ in your price range you would love your life and will give you more than enough punch for punk and classic rock.
thanks guys, ive found a shop in my area that sells the ibanez and the p-bass luckily, so im going there to compare!
Hey dude, Here's a write up i did after i played a punk fest last month. My bass nerd-self made a list of the basses i saw and wrote this out for a bass website.

FWIW: I have a few basses (check the sig), including P basses and an ATK. In my poppier and garagy bands i use a P(non-fender)... no contest. But in heavier bands the ATK just cuts through more. One thing about the P bass is that it will sound way better in a band setting than when you try it out yourself.

My $.02 would be get the P. It will never go out of style regardless of any genre changes you may take as you get older. While i LOVE my ATK... it's way more sittuational than the P.

In any case, enjoy the read.

Hey TB!

Last year i did a little write up of the different basses used during a 3 day fest i played (http://www.talkbass.com/forum/showth...mosrite+ritter).

Well, it's 3:30AM and the red bull i chugged to get through the last band is still kicking, so i thought i'd give the 2010 updated version!!

Again, this fest catered to all manners of 'punk' music. While it was MOSTLY pop-punk... there were bands that could be classified as any sub-genre of punk in attendance.

Now, as my bass-nerdocity decrees, i took a log of all the basses i witnessed being played. While last year's list was a bit more diverse, i saw MORE bands this year.

So, without further adiieu, the bass list from what i witnessed at Insubordination Fest 2k10: (spoiler: P basses FTW)

-Fender P bass (15)(couldin't tell between MIA/M/J)
-Fender Jazz (3)
-Fender p/j (1)
-Squier P (3)
-Unknown Japanese P bass (1)
-Ibanez Jazz-body P/J (1)
-Ibanez 70s P (1)
-Ric 4003 (1)
-Mosrite (1)
-Univox Hi-Flyer (1)
-Peavey T20 (1) (me!!)
-Peavey T45 (1)
-Peavey Foundation (1)
-EBMM Stingray single H (3)
-Daisy Rock short-scale-single-pup-les-paul-body (1)
-SX P/J (1)

While that's only 36 bands out of almost a 100 or so that played, i saw a mix of big and small name acts. No suprise, but the Fender P is by FAR the punk bass of choice.

Side Notes:

-Only 3 bassists used their fingers instead of a pick... and those three were easily in the top 5 of the most technically amazing/proficient bassists all weekend.
-Sunburst seemed to be the most popular body color with black being second.
-While most bands used the provided Bheringer Superbass backline, the mainstage bands provided their own heads. Ampeg (SVT CL) and GK (800RB) were THEE only heads i saw. Almost every bassist had one of these two heads.
-Tone-wise, the Daisy Rock was actually my favorite all weekend, followed by the Rays.
-Everyone on the main stage played out of a backline of an Ampeg 8x10 while, the second stage played out of a Behringer 4x10. The third stage had the bassists themselves bring their own equipment (the only band i saw on the 3rd stage used an ampeg 6x10 and a Peavey Firebass head).
-Bassists were UBIQUITOUSLY the nicest and easiest going guys of any band.
-Most guys used lighter gauge picks (.75).
-Everyone used round-wound strings.
-Bass heights were belt-level or lower.
-The heavily-stickered-bass aesthetic is on the outs... only 2 basses were covered. Any other bass with any sticker(s) had it(them) on the back.
-The ONLY pedal anyone used was a tuner.

So there you have it. No more "what bass is best for punk" threads for another year!

-Gibson Les Pauls are the guitar equivalent of the P bass.
-Followed by Fender strats.
-Followed by a tie between Mosrites, Fender Teles, and Gibson SGs.
-There were only 2 guitars i remember that weren't one of the previously mentioned brands... 1 Jaguar and 1 Eastwood crazy-shape-guitar.
-MOST played out of Marshalls. 1 Peavey VTM. 1 Sunn 2000s. And 1 Randall something-or-other.
"Punk Rock should mean freedom, liking and accepting anything that you like, as sloppy as you want, as long as it's good and has passion."
in the end the ATK came through as the best one for me. and at £399 its a bargain!