I'm about to buy my first telecaster, used a (CV '50s), and I don't have a case for it.

I'm meeting the seller at a location where I take Public transportation to get there, would it fit in a standard hardshell acoustic case just to protect it for the 30-45 minute commute?
For something like that I think it should be fine, but I don't know that I'd trust it for a road trip, and I definitely wouldn't for a plane flight. Guitars get battered enough on flights, an ill-fitting case would only compound the problems.
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yeah it should fit, but throw a couple of shirts or a small pillow to fill up where the body would be. Most acoustic cases are a couple inches (or about a dozen cm) thick and a telecaster is only about an inch thick (two at the most) so the body would be unsupported and could put dangerous stress the neck.
Alright guys thanks a bundle.

Got it home saftely, I wouldn't have thought of putting in a towel.