Ive heard before that nail polish will strengthen your nails for finger picking, but is this true, or are they talking about the ful out manicure like my mom has, with the really thick nails?

Also, i heard somewhere that they make clear nail polish specifically for guitarists to strengthen their nails. Also true?

fill me in
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I don't know if this is try, but I have seen Nail strengthener before that you use and It "makes your nails stronger"
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Yes it will. Just make sure you use black or hot pink.No other color will work.

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i pick with my fingers- not the nails
the part on the oposite side of the finger
am i weird?
It won't really work, if anything you'll damage your nails more. I paint my nails on a regular basis with base coat, two or three coats of colour (depends on the effect I'm after) and two clear coats; finger picking still strips it all off within a week. The extra damage comes from painting your nails at all (clear or otherwise) which dries them out and doesn't let the surface grow properly and then there's the polish remover which dries out your nails incredibly. What you end up with is your nails fracture into several layers and each layer chips off randomly, you don't even get a clean break.

tl;dr: don't bother. All you'll achieve is your nails will fracture and split and you'll look like a dick with half-peeling polish (which yes, is obvious even if you only use clear polish).

If you want to strengthen your nails for fingerpicking then you need to let them grow out and moisturise your hands on a regular basis. Use lighter strings and don't do anything rigorous with your picking hand.
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