At first i was only contemplating a 7 string. Then i thought, hell, why not 8? Anyway, if anyone around here has any experience with 7 or 8 string electrics i wouldn't mind some recommendations for models and places to find them online.

I was hoping to find some options in the vein of Shecter or perhaps Jackson or EMG. Nothing to pricey, something with a good set of pickups and a good quality bridge. I wouldnt mind a whammy bar and locking nut but maybe i could upgrade to those one day. Something that will sound metal and heavy as **** in the price range of about 500-800.

I live in canada so so far i have been looking around on axemusic and music 123. I looked a bit on ebay but i'd prefer something new rather than used.

Anyway thanks for any input i appreciate it.
rondomusic.com has a lot of 8 stringers in that price range. They're held in pretty high regard as far as quality and sound.
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8 string player here. Rondo Music (Agile) is your best bet. They have the largest variety of 8 string guitar models and have some features you wont find in other production 8 strings from other companies. This includes finishes other than black, scale lengths above 27", maple fret boards and even a few with kahler tremolos on them (Agile is the only company that i know of that has an 8 string with a tremolo). Shipping to canada is about $130, with no duties at the door. Agile 8 strings are great guitars, especially for the price.

I would avoid the schecter 8s because of their 26.5" scale. Many (including me) find that scale to be much to short for an 8 string. I personally cant go any lower than 27". The 28.625" scale of the agiles is perfect for me.
Advice:make sure you KNOW you want to play a 8-string. As in, make sure if you get one, youll end up using those extra strings. Otherwise if youre just gonna play 6-string stuff its a waste.
I have an Ibanez RG2228. Guitars and stuff are always expensive here, so I dunno if it'll fit in your price range. Probably not, but it's one hell of a sturdy, powerful and well-made guitar.

As the others have said, Agile guitars would probably be the best bet for something cheaper. If you're not getting one of them, get something at LEAST with a 27" scale. I couldn't imagine getting any shorter, the strings would probably be too big for the saddle. Unless you're getting a high A, in which case ignore that.
I haven't played an Agile, but I've played Schecters, LTDs, and Ibanezes. The best one I played was the RG2228 but that's pretty expensive compared to the others. The other ones I played weren't even close. The RG2228 sounded and felt better to me. It felt the most natural coming from solely playing a 6-string guitar. I've never even played a 7-string. The RG2228 was less-muddy than the rest and had the best natural tone. It sounded great on all settings, clean or distorted. You may be able to get it for a cheap price used. A lot of people bought the RG2228 when they first came out and were the only 8-string on the market. The demand for 8-strings is pretty low so you can find them used for around $1000. It's a little over your budget but it's very worth it.

I haven't played an Agile, but if I was considering them, I would mainly look at the Intrepid Pro 828s. The problem I had with the mahogany 8-strings is that the 8th string tone lacked life. The 8th string just sounded like crap. They sounded like a cheap keyboard. The note was there but it didn't sound like a good guitar. The other 7 strings were fine though. I just don't think that warmth of the mahogany mixes well with the F#. Maybe the longer scale length and extra maple of the neck-through construction will add brightness and make the 8th string sound better.
Like people are saying: Rondomusic.com
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You better try one out. The necks are much wider than that of a 6 string. You might find it really uncomfortable.

Also, I don't believe many 8 strings come with a trem in your price range.

Sound advice, however i am 100% sure a 28'' scale will be perfect. I have very big, agile (lol) hands. I also play bass, so i have a decent idea how it will feel. I'll just need some practice string skipping with 8 strings rather than 6 now

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Advice:make sure you KNOW you want to play a 8-string. As in, make sure if you get one, youll end up using those extra strings. Otherwise if youre just gonna play 6-string stuff its a waste.

I am very, very sure of this. i Have been contemplating it for a couple years now. Most of my favourite bands play 7 and 8 strings and i have always wanted to play one. I am actually very excited, those two strings will be the ones i use most. Inspiration will include: Fellsilent, Tesseract, Periphery, Meshuggah, After the Burial, Devin Townsend, Textures, need i continue?!

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions, i am almost certain i'll be getting an agile intrepid pro 828, not sure what model yet. But they seem like quality guitars especially for the price. Not to mention they have a B stock guitar of the model i was looking at getting which is a huge bonus, $200 cheaper! I could care less if the finish ran on the edge.