well ok im trying to make a tab but everytime i preview it, it comes out like this

d|-33333333333333333333-----------000000000000000000000000-888888888888888888888888-1010101010 10101010101010101010101010101010101010-|

with a space between the ten, so im wondering if its suppose to be there or how can i get rid of the space

oh and also it only appears when i preview the page, when i go back to edit it, it's gone
You need to use a monospaced font. Also you need to keep the whitespace formatting. If you are just going to put a tab in a forum post, I believe it will work if you put it in [.code][./code] tags. See...


Also, I for some reason I had to hit enter twice after each line. Try doing that also!
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