I'm considering buying an Epiphone Riviera which has New York mini humbuckers.

Does anyone have experience with these pickups? What are they like for playing harder rock?
Pretty close to the tone of standard HBs just little less dark. If your looking for that stoner rock tone I wouldn't recommend them but for just about anything else they are pretty good.
I wouldn't recommend it for hard rock; not only are the pickups not the most suitbale for what most people consider to be rock tones (minihumbuckers tend to sound more like stacked single coils than full humbuckers) but the bridge and general construction of the guitar are aimed more towards jazz and country-blues. Epiphone make two other Riviera models, one that features three dogear P-90s which will have a slightly fuller tone for medium rock and another which features two humbucker-sized P-90s, which could be swapped out for regular humbuckers depending on just how ''hard'' your definition of hard rock is.

As a guideline, I wouldn't recommend minibuckers to anyone looking for anything ''harder'' than a ZZ Top or AC/DC kind of tone; I'd recommend P-90s for anything up to Kings Of Leon or Nickelback type tones; for anything around Foo Fighters/Alice In Chains levels or harder, I would recommend nothing less than full-size, regular humbuckers. At least, going by most peoples' standards.
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