So, im in the process of getting a new amp,and ive been wondering:
Can a 5W tube amp be heard well over drums(and, in the clean channel,stay clean)?

Im currently not in a band,band i want to assure myself that i can still join one and play well over the drums.
The amp in question is the Blackstar HT-5,which is pretty well known around here.
Getting it will be better financially than the other:ENGL Gigmaster,which is 15W but can be dropped to 5W and 1W.

So,can it?
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5W has no headroom in most cases. I doubt it can stay clean over a drummer unless it's an amp designed to just not break up.
If it has the option to be hooked up to an external cabinet, then just run it through a 4x12 cabinet.

Then it will be loud enough.
^ Regardless of cabinet selection, a 5W will have a hard time being heard over a drummer if you're playing clean.

Micing it is an option, if a PA is available.
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The HT-5 is going to have problems being heard in band situations, especially where mixing is bad etc...

You probably should go for a more powerful amp.
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Get Fender Super Champ XD. Then you'll have a more versatile amp that IMO sounds better and 15 watts.
Quote by Seref
5W has no headroom in most cases. I doubt it can stay clean over a drummer unless it's an amp designed to just not break up.

+1. I don't gig, and I only play at home, and even in a home environment, 5 watts is not very loud if you want it to stay completely clean.

Don't get me wrong, I still contend that 5 watts is too loud for home use if you want to crank it, lol. But you're not getting much headroom at all.
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