I'm thinking about getting a Fender HSS stat for my next guitar and putting a jb in the bridge and replacing all of the coils with hotrails. would the jb go good with the hotrails? I play mostly metal but i recently started getting into other types of music and i found EMGs arent very versatile outside of metal. Is this a good idea? How much would it cost?

Can you help me find a versatile guitar that can hold its own when playing metal, yet can play mellow stuff like RHCP, or Nirvana? My budget is about 500 to 700 dollars. I have more but Its not guitar money.
Honestly, I'd just buy a HSS Strat and replace ONLY the bridge humbucker with a JB and leave the rest alone. If you want that RHCP sound, fender stock single coils in the neck position are pretty much your best bet. Other options are vintage noiseless etc...but the bridge Humbucker should give you all the crunch you need honestly.

If you're going to buy a Fender Strat and replace all of the pickups with high output metal-oriented (or hard rock oriented) pickups, you're better off buying an Ibanez or something with tonewoods more suited to metal. Just my opinion.
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For the record, active pickups are the most verstile pickups around if you have an appropriate amp and you know what you're doing. They were, after all, invented for jazz; the fact they turned out good for metal was just a happy coincidence.

That said, if you're after Nirvana to Red Hot Chili Peppers tones alongside metal then yeah, I'm not surprised that active pickups aren't working out for you. I wouldn't recommend a JB and hotrails though.

If i were you, I'd look for a hotter bridge pickup and more mellow middle and neck pickups; personlly I'd go for a Duncan Custom in the bridge and a Cool Rails in both the middle and neck positions, along with a series/parallel switch for ideally all three or at least the neck and middle (you could wire this as a push-pull pot on one of the Strat's controls, or as a separate mini switch if you don't mind drilling a small hole in your pickguard). This way you'll get the full metal tone provided by a full-size, ceramic-magnet humbucker, then the middle and neck tones will be capable of more regular humbucker tones as well as tones close to single coils. The reason for going for Cool Rails instead of Hot Rails is simply because they give a smoother and more convincing tone when used with lower gain and because the Hot Rails can be hard to control in the neck position, especially with high gain where the bass notes will get very muddy.

If you don't like the idea of installing different control pots or mini-switches, I'd recommend you consider the Vintage Rails, or perminantly wire a Cool Rails or Hot Rails in parallel mode instead of the normal series mode. Going for a Vintage Rails (which is typically wired in parallel anyway) or a parallel-wired Cool or Hot Rails will give you a tone halfway between single coils and humbuckers, with decent output and still hum-cancelling; a good middle-ground for those moderate rock to metal tones.
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I would go with the 72 Deluxe Tele Reissue, but that's just me. And it's a bit more (maybe like $750) Try one out at guitar center, they rock
You could look at one of those Billy Corgan strats? They're supposed to be very bottom end and high-gain clarity whilst keeping a strat's well-known versatility
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I dont know anything about wiring so if i buy a strat im gona keep the pickups in it but use it for mellow stuff. Would an SG or Les Paul be good for that too? Gibsons are very versatile.
SGs and Les Pauls are obviously great, yes. I don't know if they'll get you the tone you're looking for, though.

You'd be surprised at the range of tones you can get from a Strat, however. Especially if it's a HSS type.

If you aren't too keen on switching out the pickups yourself, have a tech do it. Most guitar manufacturers put pickups in guitars that generally play all genres, knowing that lots of people will just switch them out for something that suits their particular style more.

It's worth it in the long run, and Strats are great guitars. An SG or Les Paul that would be the same level of quality as a $500-$700 Strat might cost around $1400-$2000 unfortunately.

Go for a HSS strat IMO. The American Special series is rather cheap and comes with an Atomic Humbucker, which has the exact same specs as a JB. It will sound slightly different, but will get you in the ballpark without having to change pickups.
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