I'm having a problem in that anything I can accurately represent sound-wise with my amp is far ahead of my skill level. And anything I listen to which would be beneficial for me to learn how to play I cannot get the sound of on my amp. Has anyone else had problems like this? I really need to figure out how to overcome it because it's stumping my progress as a guitar player. I just can't bring myself to learn a song that will sound nothing like the original even if I play it flawlessly.

On a random side note, I've noticed my tremolo picking is obviously wrong in some way. The pitch of the string seems like it changes and even though my hand is moving at constant pace the notes come out uneven. This happens when I get into Whiplash (Metallica) range and even a bit slower. Also, I can't tremolo pick fast at all. Gallop rhythms and stuff, which are so common to metalcore I like, where the gallops are pretty decently fast but it's not constant. I can't get the speed on one string but it feels ridiculously easy if I'm hitting 2+ strings on a big strum to get that same pace. Naturally this means some technique flaw comes up when I try to pick on one string. Any idea what this may be?
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So you're saying that you can't learn songs in which the guitar sounds worse on the recording than though your amp?
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Dude...don'T care about your sound while you're learning. Sure...if you make it sound just like the original it'S more awesome but probably you're just doing something wrong...like...bends, vibratos and other stuff that doesn't seem that important. Also...try playing with controls on your guitar.
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So you're saying that you can't learn songs in which the guitar sounds worse on the recording than though your amp?

Yes. Or if the amp sounds worse. It doesn't have to sound good, it has to sounds similar. I've noticed since I was able to play on my friend's higher line Line 6 that has presets for Comfortably Numb, For the Love of God, Cliffs of Dover, etc, I've had much more drive to practice these and perfect the feel of them. Even now if I try to play Comfortably Numb on my shitty amp I can't put any feel into it even though I can basically emulate being Gilmour on his Line 6 CN preset. I've even managed to get the CoD intro to full speed but I can't get into the zone to do it on my amp because it can't even come close to Cliffs of Dover tone.
dude stop bitching and just get a pedal or something.

i love my setup but the only time i really 'feel' and really heavily get into the music is when im on shrooms