I'm looking at some new guitars and got $500-600 to spend. Been thinking about prs se custom 24, godin exit 22, g&l tribute legacy or an mim strat, which i'd probably replace the pickups and hot rod a little. I play mostly blues, classic rock, modern rock, not metal. Which one do you guys think is the best value and quality guitar? Also any other suggestions, anybody know any schecter or ibanez guitars I should look at?
id say the prs custom 24 but ibanez s series are good guitars i love mine
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Probably the strat if I had to pick one. They do all those styles perfectly.
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I'm starting to lean towards the prs what do you guys think about the quality of the se tho, no issues? Also I've heard the g&l legacy tribute is closer to the quality of an american strat than the mim, anyone have any experience with it? And I've heard the godin is a great guitar for the value anybody got one? How are the pickups?
i would do the Godin or the PRS. Godin really makes some great instruments at a good price. i don't own one as of now, but when its time for me to buy another guitar, i will probably be picking up a Godin Kingpin.

PRS always has made good stuff too.
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Godin, theyre made in Canada and have awsome quality
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godin or g and l over the mim.

G&L gets a bad wrap. first off, the company was basically fenders sisters company in a way, second, i find thier instruments superior. G&L sound be the most famous and fender should be the little company off in the corner IMO.

godins are nice. no doubt about it.

MIM will do teh job. great guitars for the money. but average. i mean, everyone has one. i throw it out becuase teh g&l strat imo is better and more original.