Hey, I'm looking to get a bmx bike, but I don't really have any idea what to look for in a bike. Can anyone guide me in the right direction? I want to use it for flatland and dirt jumps, and I want to spend as little money as possible, but still get good quality. $300 is probably all I can spend :s.

Thanks [=
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my friend just got a WeThePeople (i think it was either a reason or justice model) they're both around 300
well im a big fan of diamondbacks. All i have around my place is dirt jumping so thats what i use them for. i have a really old diamonback skindog model that has survived everything ive put it through
not to discredit that guy ^ but I hear diamond backs suck
You could get an 08 model of the DK 4 pack, which is what i had. Then i realized if i continued BMX any longer i would start to loose body parts and gave it to a friend. They're on amazon.
I agree that WeThePeople is probally one of the best choice
i also heard that diamond back are pretty rubbish
Id stay clear of diamond backs too i been riding for 11 years and haven't heard a good thing about them. Id go with wethepeople, dk one of the brands you know will just stay solid with minimal fuss. Have ridden a Haro, ergnomically it was great but in terms of maintenance and strength it was rubbish. Interesting you want to ride flat land and dirt as they require quite different geometry, probably should by some form of all rounder like giant used to make.
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