I have just been told that at a local pawn shop a digitech deathmetal pedal had been sold for 10GBP grrrrrr. i wanted that xD. i was scanning ebay earlier and the lowest price i could find was £30 with £4.50 postage. the thing is that pedal is the one i nearly bought before wating my money on a huge box of guitar strings
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I just started writing a metal solo, and so far I have:

*Hit Lead Button On Mesa*
*Spread legs to width of 160cm*
*Perform facial expression akin to that of having a woodpecker chip away at your rectum*
*Practice scales*

My greencaster =)
You should be glad, the Death Metal is terrible.
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What the hell is a G&L.

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Gay & Lesbian I think, the box smelled funny
Greg what did you send me??
U think that's bad. I just missed (by 10 minutes) a 1957 Les Paul Custom for $995. They are usually worth around 80k in the same shape, cosmetically, as the one I missed.
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^'twas a fake =)

and TS, this pedal is absolute crap

everyone's happy now =D

Yea, it very well could have been a fake.
Yeah you dodged a bullet TS
Call me Cahum.

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