I'm switching from the stock 9 gauge strings on my American Standard Strat to 11's. Do I need to widen the string slots?
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This title made me lol
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take off your 9's and see if 11's fit in, you don't have to put them on though, just see if they fit in the slots. Sorteeed
they should fit, i have an american standard and it fits..

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The only way to know is to try. Not all nuts are created equal. Some will be fine if you slap .12s on them, some will require some work when going from .9s to .10s. Try putting them on...if they don't fit, file it.
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they should fit just fine. i use 11's on all my guitars and have never had to adjust anything
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prob not. i went to 12's on mine without any filing needed. but iuono, mabye ur nut is skinnier
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This title made me lol

Me too

13s fit perfectly in mine. Check maybe?
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