So the story is..
I have myself an Ibanez RGA7 (7 string). And they came with "IBZ-LZ" active pups as stock. They are terrible. And i'm looking to get some lovely new ones.

The other guitarist in my band is lucky enough to have a lovely PRS with AMAZING passive pick-ups (Dragon II's believe). And so i'm looking to get replacements that might compliment his sound when playing with him live. Of course the problem is i have a 7 string, not a 6.

Our music is a weird blend of progressive extreme metal. Opeth are a good example of our sound-ish.

Any Suggestions? Price is negligible atm.

tl;dr - looking for 7 string pups that complement PRS Dragon II's live/In Studio.
A dimarzio d-activator does the trick. I have one in my ibanez universe improved overall tone, dynamics and versatility.