I have some Texas Specials in my Lonestar Strat right now, and was wondering if there are better options out there to maximize the quack in position 2 and 4 as far as pickups go as I have been told they account for basically all of the quack in a US Strat.

Custom shop 69's?

Will going from Texas Specials to a more quack friendly pickup be a huge noticeable difference in quack?

Please look at this video to see the quack I am looking for!

Lower output pickups will help a bit. I really like the 62 Smooth Groove single coils from RockMonkeyGuitars, but I feel like the 59s are more your style.

I do not know if Chris still offers it, but there was a 10% discount for UGers a whole back. Ask.


email him, he really knows his tones, so if it suits you he will tell you.