Hey, I'm a guitarist normally but want to start playing bass and was wondering if anyone knows any easy Beatle songs on bass.
Thank you
Most are fairly easy to pick up with some practice.
The first beatle's song I learned was Octupus's garden as it stresses Mccartney's playing style.
If you're looking for something more like a guitar line then learn day tripper.
Taxman is very repetitive so if you can pull of the first riff, the rest of the song becomes easier.
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Come Together. Pretty easy, VERY recognizable
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Pick one, it's probably easy. The beauty of the Beatles is in the simplicity.
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most beatles really. maxwell's silver hammer, eight days a week and ob-la-di, ob-la-da are the ones i'd suggest but thats just me. perhaps revolution too
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Help! Is very easy.

Revolution and Yer Blues are also relatively easy to pick up.
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Pick one, it's probably easy. The beauty of the Beatles is in the simplicity.

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Most songs are really easy,the most difficult one I can think of right now is Hey Bulldog(and it's not really hard after a while)
Edit:Sorry,forgot the song.Try Birthday,it's really cool and follows the guitar line,so it'd be an easy transition if you already know it on the electric guitar.I'm a loser is really nice too.
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I Want You (She's So Heavy) is a good one, so are When I'm Sixty-Four, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, and Come Together.
All I know are come together and birthday song. Come together is easiest (count to 8 for each verse to keep timing right is a good tip), birthday might be a little fast for a new bassist, depending on if you play all the notes.
All of them?
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