If its like anything else they sell, then yes. Lot of bang for your buck....or should I say twang?

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I cant say anything about this specific guitar, but SX in general make very good guitars for the price.
ridethekill - it's a budget guitar. as long as your expectations are realistic, and you're not expecting much, you might like it.

Crazysam23_Atax - more acoustics use spruce tops than any other wood - that includes martins, gibsons and taylors, and i've heard spruce topped guitars that boom with tons of bass or have plenty of growl. if you think spruce has a lighter tone, perhaps you should play a j45 some time - or a j200, both of which have spruce tops and are two of the bassiest guitars around.

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It looks in good condition. I'm not a fan of spruce wood tops, but if you like a lighter tone, go for it.
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