Hello. I play metal, alternative, funk, jazz, and punk. Which amp could cover all these styles? Right now, here are my current options, you can suggest even better ones, that would be great. My budget is extremely strict.

Vox VT30

Line 6 Spider IV 75w

Are there amps that have better performance than these two amps?
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People will suggest the Peavey Vypyr and pretty much anything made by Vox.

Peavey Vypyr will most likely be your best bet if you play metal as well.
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Are you planning to use this in a band situation?

Yep. I'm in a band we're we haven't decided what genre to play.
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You can get a used Peavey Vypyr Tube 60 within your budget, and the Line 6 Flextone. Avoid the Spider, it's not very good.
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Vypyr Tube 60 used for that little of an amount.

And I was going to suggest the 75w solid state version, silly me.

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you should easily be able to find an older (or maybe newer?) Vox AD50VT or VT50, which are just different generations of the Valvetronix. If you're more interested in the metal side of things, try to find an XL version, which has more hi-gain models. Basically an alternative to the Peavey Vypyr.

Try out both and see if you prefer one or the other.

Vypyr with the fancy footswitch looks really cool though, the effects on the Vox aren't really that easy to mess around with on the fly.