ok so im gonna be a freshman this year. so ive been thinkin bout careers n iam really leanin towards some kinda guitar or reacording related one. wat colleges should i look at waht kinda careers could i possibly look into. aand what should i be doing in the next four years to get ready?
Don't think about being a professional musician. Session players are not that hard to come across. You can get lucky and become a very reliable and useful one and get lots of jobs, but it's unlikely.

Either way, experience experience experience experience.
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You seem like you would flourish as an English major.

i agree wid diz post.
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I think you'd do well in the suicide field. Seriously, are you a dyslexic 8 year old with Parkinson's using a broken keyboard in the dark?
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Cool. Cool. The kinds of colleges that offer programs related to guitar or recording (here in Van we have a good recording program at Langara College, for example). Guitar playing, recording, production, etc. There are lots of careers in the interests you identified. Get into one of these colleges/programs and start networking, learn a lot of stuff.
Pizza Delivery. It's quite inevitable at this point in time.
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You seem like you would flourish as an English major.

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Pizza Delivery. It's quite inevitable at this point in time.

He didn't mention being a drummer...?

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NO!!! Do NOT go to college for a career in music. Music is something you really do not need a degree to do. Go for a degree that will mean you have a good chance to get a job. Do music while studying for that degree as well as after.

While I'm sure you want a career that makes you happy, you also want one that will mean you wont be struggling or living dollar to dollar.

I hate to be a dream killer but, it is not a reliable field.

There is a guitar center full of people near me who went to college for a field in music and they all say that it was a bad idea.

You could major in business and minor in music which could set you up to manage musicians, start or run a business which could include music stores or studios. This could also mean you can work for companies and corporations.
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He didn't mention being a drummer...?

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Listen to the man, he's Jewish.
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