hello ultimate guitar people, im looking for a nice hollowbody guitar to play beatles type music. i got around $750 dollars ive saved up im stuck between the epihpone casino, and the gretsch g5122 double cuttaway.

ive heard lots of great things about the casino however ive also read that it was a wider neck, which im not too fond of, plus it is THE beatles guitar. my other guitars are also from epiphone, so i know i can trust the brand. ive also seen that this guitar is very versitile and can play a variety of things.

i havent heard much about the gretsch, although ive seen videos of it preform a few beatles song, and from what i know, dosent have that big of a feed back problem as the casino. also athsteticly im sorta in love with the black version of this

so people, im sorry if it was too much but your opinion would be fantastic thank you!
get an epiphone sheraton II

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get an epiphone sheraton II

hmm, i havent noticed this guitar, mind telling a bit about it? thanks!
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get a used ric...
i mean you want beatles go to the source.

that is true but those cost quite alot dont they? even for a used one!
I would choose the Gretsch. The Electromatics are great both sound and quality wise.
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I would choose the Gretsch. The Electromatics are great both sound and quality wise.

thank you very much for your answer!
You're welcome! The recent Epis I played were more hit or miss, the Gretsches were all good and I think they are just more classy anyway. If you buy it at a nice shop, you can have them set up for the string gauge you're going to use, so you won't have to tinker with the floating bridge etc. yourself.