Is it just me, or are the majority of the threads on UG (god, on the net!), just an excuse for people to attention-seek. I mean, I don't even know why I make half the threads that I do...and I honestly think it's because I can, and people notice me. lol. Yeah. I know. That makes this thread quiet ironic though...

Anyone agree though?
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You sir, are a giant c*** and you finger will forever haunt my dreams.

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Coco-Loco is the finest bit of meat on the butcher block.
Attention *****
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I had a dream about your avatar once, so yes of course.

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every time i see that twirling electrode avatar of yours I know that the post is worth reading or the link is worth clicking

Attention... *****?
Rush Rocks

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If Beiber is our generation's Cobain I can't see how that is a bad thing.
Just make sure the shotgun is loaded.
attention.. slut.

ha. changed it up there.
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When having sex i realise my penis is of small nature.

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I got a similar thing from playing too much Pokemon.

Magikarpal tunnel.