Im sure that there is some other post about this, but i cant find it. I was just wondering what the difference was between a single coil and humbucker pickup was. Physically and the sound.

TS, heres the simplest, most dumbed down answer ever.

Single coils have a more precise, articulate, and "clean" tone. Humbuckers have a warmer, growlier, fat tone.

Humbuckers were invented to reduce the electronic "hum" created by single coil pick ups. Technology is at the point where you can get single coils with no significant hum, so the decision is purely based on tone
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No need to be rude here. Wikipedia has a great article on pickups, where the difference is explained in detail.

It just seems like this type of thread pops up every hour with the exact same question and the exact same answer.

The search feature is a great tool, please use it.
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Another pointless thread that could be avoided if TS would just GOOGLE IT.

No more pointless than that post. Just be nice.

Humbuckers are warmer than single coils but at the same time have their own high end 'zing' to them, listen to some Musicman Stingrays or similar to understand just what I mean.

That said, individual pickup brands and designs have a lot to do with the tone too.
Physically humbuckers are 2 coils which have 2 poles opposing one another, when the electromagnetic interference is picked up because magnets just love to be antenna's basically :P they basically cancel one another out meaning they cancel the hum found in single coils.Thats the basic from what i can remember from school physics and all that we got into a discussion bout it in class xD.

As i said thats only what i remembers so theres a chance its wrong.
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