is it out? and if so where can I get one in the states? I saw a site that was selling it but was a euro site

i like the jca 20, but kind of want a 50 watt amp. the 100 would be more than i need in volume and in price.
the JCA50/100 are quite different than the 20.

I'm no amp expert, but rumour has it that the JCA20 was based off the old Soldano Atomic 16 circuit, and the JCA50 and JCA100 are essentially the same as the Soldano Avenger, a (dare I say) dumbed down SLO. Much more gain in the higher watt versions.
The JCA50/100 are the same as the SLO (clean/crunch channels) and the Avenger is the the SLO's crunch channel.
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well the atomic was designed to be a low wattage high gain thingy. it's not ideal for like tons of headroom metal but for the tone at most other operating levels it should be there.
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