I traded in my Bugera Vintage 5 and picked up a Fender Super Champ XD. The Vintage 5 was a nice affordable tube amp but not really what I was after for a practice amp.
I'm really liking the super champ for what I was after. The first channel has a nice smooth sound that just gets a slight bit of breakup when you have the volume all the way to ten and it takes pedals pretty well also.
The second channel is where all the bells and whistles are with the voice knob and I haven't really tried all 16 voicings enough to really choose a favorite yet but I'm finding I really like the British and the blackface voicings.
The effects I'm not so big on but I've never been an effects kind of guy, I like a little chorus sometimes but I tend to stick with a little bit of reverb and a little bit of delay. The delay isn't bad and the reverb sounds on par with most of the built in reverbs you'll find on these kinds of amps.
All in all I really like it. It was a great deal at $255usd or so and I like the variety of tones I can get out of it. My only real criticism is that it would be nice to be able to set a voicing for both of the channels instead of having only one channel that has access to the main feature of the amp. A footswitch would have been a welcome addition too and while it does have an input for a footswitch I really think it aught to come with one. Of course at 299 list for an all tube 15 watt amp it's pretty hard to demand more.
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Hnad man! And where did you get that yellow cable?
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it'd be nice to hear some clips of it if you could
those things get suggested round here with little or no justification
would nice to know if it lives up to its hype
Good choice. That's my favorite amp. You'll be finding different setting you like every time you go through the voices. And every time you change guitars, you'll find new voicings that you like.

I find it much easier to match a tone in a song with the SCXD than with a multifx.

Josh, here's a sample of the SCXD I made right after I got mine. It's not the best representation of the sounds you can get out of it, as I had just got it. You should use recommendations as a starting point for picking amps to test at your local store.

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Yeah they are pretty tight. Nice one HNAD
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I think it lives up to the hype. I've tried a few modeling amps for just practicing by myself, I had a vypyr 15, a vypyr 30, an orange crush 30, a valve jr. a bugera vintage 5, etc. Pretty much most of the better small modelers and vast majority of the 5 watt tube combos and I like this better than all of them. The only amp I like better is my blackheart little giant but it's been completely rebuilt from the ground up into a fire spitting monster and it's more of something I use when I'm looking for a specific sound.
Also, LPDave, the yellow cable is a GFS Cable. I used to have road hog cables and I find the GFS cables to be every bit as good and considerably cheaper. I have three 25 footers from them.
i have a vibro champ, basically the same thing just 10 watts less and only one channel. i love this thing. its a loud sucker for 5 watts. but has some trouble getting over a kit. i leave my voicing 1 all the time and use a distortion pedal for my dirt since i dont even have a second channel
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