Hey everyone, this is one of my newest efforts, a post-hardcore (really putting emphasis on the hardcore part)

It reminds me of something Oceana would do, tell me what you think. C4C

Yes, poop.
Wow, that was awesome. It was really catchy in a very cool way. I didn't much like the breakdowns but I'm not much of a break down kind of guy.

****in sweet.
i don't know why i feel so dry
Quote by slayerfrk
do you mean oceano?

Oceano is a deathcore band.

Oceana is a post-esque band, so no.

Yes, poop.
Love the intro, upbeat and great, good use of time signatures. Breakdowns feel misplaced in my ears. in bar 44 Guitar II does some sort of mini-solo, which sounds out of place too. Love the mixture of dissonance and harmony throughout the song. The melodic passages are great, breakdowns need improvement.

Overall you have a great song, my only real complaint would be that the breakdowns aren't great. Structure too could be improved. Although over all good job.

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