Looking up
Then jumping down
Once was lost
I'm still not found
The wind it's
passing through my hair
Tried to call
But you weren't there

I can not turn
My back now
As I'm passing
Through the clouds
Took the easy
Way out, how
I'll be the one
They talk about

No regrets
But only how
Will you feel
I'm not around
The wind faster
Through my hair
One last try
Your still not there

All is quiet
Instead of loud
No longer part of
One big crowd
Took the easy
Way out, how
I'll be the one
You think about
I really like this one. however the only problem i had with it is that some of the lines were kind of predictable. Maybe because its similar to my writing but idk
well i mean there are some lines that repeat but it serves a purpose, but i see where your coming from though.
So, does the guy really try to call [someone - a lover who spurned him?] as he's falling from a great height to his death? That's hilarious!

It was all rolling smoothly until I got to
"All is quiet
Instead of loud" .
Perhaps you'd want to change that. If its not loud then it must be quiet.
I don't know, that line came off as un needed and repeatative to me, even though it fits the line after that.
Otherwise this is very nice.
I believe there's meaning
no, I believe there's nothing