So we have the Real Men of Genius Competition underway, and since I'm not participating, this is my attempt to add to our lovely GB&C forum.

I saw this video in the pit:


It's the demo for an instrument called the bassimer, and it takes several existing concepts and combines them to create an instrument with a beautiful sound unlike any other instrument on the market.

Another video: "Bassoforte"


These two instruments are both unique concepts that were imagined and put together without a million dollar budget, and more than likely fashioned in a garage, not a factory.

Now it's your turn: Post away with any instruments, pedals, or anything else beyond the guitar as we know it.

Edit: It turns out Diego Stocco is an experimental instrument BAMF. Heres another one of his creations.

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Dang. I have nothing to add, but whenever someone posts a link to YouTube I go on a 20 minute random video watching tangent. I was watching a video about a man turning into a tree when I realized, "What am I doing?"


But that bassimer thing is pretty awesome. I'm not really sure how it works but the guy made it sound good haha.