I need some tips to help me buying an Acoustic-Eletric guitar...
I want a good tone and sound, but also nice looks (Cutaway, too), because there are some ugly guitars out there >.<
Like a mix between a Dean Exotica (that has a crappy sound) and a Taylor sound.
And a price about US 350,00
I know it's kinda hard to find but... Please gimme some tips???
I wouldn't buy an acoustic/electric if $350 is your budget. An acoustic/electric in that price range is sure to have poor quality electronics.
I figure you could go for a straight acoustic, then have electronics added later after saving up a bit of money.

But regardless of what you do, I recommend taking a look at Yamaha. Great guitars for the price.
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I was in the same boat as you wanting an acoustic electric for around that price range and I ended up buying a normal acoustic (but not a cutaway), and instead I'm going to buy my own electronic pickup for somewhere around $20 (a friend told me this, but I'm not too certain). It's a cheaper option if you want to consider it.
Yeah but I want an acoustic-eletric cuz I already have normal acoustic, and it's actually a pretty good guitar, it's from 1974, and guitar are like wine... so I wanna buy an acoustic eletric.
With how much money can I buy a nice one?
my best recommendation - the yamaha fgx730sc, but if you just can't quite go that high, the yamaha fgx720sca is still pretty good.