Finally got around to recording some stuff with all my new gear. I did the intro solo to Count of Tuscany and the whammy solo from Killing in the Name. Used a Shure PG58 into my Playstation 3 (that's right) and then mixed them in Reaper. Songs on my profile

I'm really happy with the sound on the Killing in the Name one, I didn't have to do any EQing whatsoever in reaper. Just dropped it there and it sounded great.

I'm not quite so happy with Count of Tuscany; there was some high end fuzz so I had to clip that off with EQ which resulted in it being a little bassy. I moved the mic slightly for this one so that might be the problem.

So anyways, any suggestions on how I can make a better solo cover next time? I'm more than happy to crit any of your work
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Killing in the name: Flawless guitar playing and tone. 10/10
I'm not sure what you used for the Backing Track but it sounds very generic and needs to stand out more. (I could do some Drum Tracks for you if you want)

Count of Tuscany: I think the guitar track lacks presence, might be due to the fact that you Lowpassed it a bit more than you should. Otherwise it sounds good.