So me and my buddy decided we wanted some effects and thought the Gt 10 would be great after reading reviews and watching some videos on youtube. But now that we bought them we find that they don't really have any good distortions and we can't really get the tones we want. I'm wondering if I should return it and get some stomp box effects which I probably will. But is there anyone else who has run into this before?
What amp do you use?
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The distortions are pretty crappy. The other FX are somewhat decent though. I'd return it if you want a distortion sound from it.
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How are you running threw the amp?
Are you slaving out the amp's poweramp? Cause that's the only way to get a good distortion tone
Also, you gotta tweak it and really learn how to use it to get it to sound good
Are you slaving out the amp's poweramp?

would you please explain what you mean by slaving the amp's poweramp?
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Quote by metalter
would you please explain what you mean by slaving the amp's poweramp?

He means instead of plugging into the input of the amp, plugging into the effects return. This bypasses the amps pre amp and makes use of the power section to amplify the sound coming out of the gt-10 without it being coloured. I advise you buy a good distortion pedal and put it into the loop of your gt-10. The COSM distortions might not be all that (though i think they're definitely redeemable with some effort) the rest of the effects on board and their flexibility are invaluable. Unless all you play is slayer in which case, i think you've made the wrong choice in multi fx.