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It's recently occured to me that while using the computer, I use my index finger on the mouse wheel (scroll wheel). I used to use my middle finger way back in the day. I asked a few people and got multiple answers.

Discuss which finger you use and why you believe are a better person for using that particular finger.
im on laptop.

middle for mouse, index for clicking

i am a better person now
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I use my bad mother finger.
Aka middle.
It's for everying, shredding, flipping off, hand pleasures for the missus.
and many more.
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I use my index finger for all my right-handed computer needs.

Even right clicking?
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im on laptop.

middle for mouse, index for clicking

i am a better person now

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im on a laptop, i usually use my pinky on my right hand to scroll up and down and the index finger on my left hand to click the mouse. dont ask thats just how i do it lol
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Internet/general crap: index
DAW/REcording: middle so my index and ring are free to left and right click, and my thumb and pinky work the side buttons of my mighty mouse.
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Even right clicking?

Even right clicking. Even typing. The middle finger on my right hand is ****ed.
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no ****in way!
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im on laptop.

middle for mouse, index for clicking

i am a better person now

This, but I usually scroll with just page down/up.
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I use my index finger.
I even hold my mouse at a 45 degree angle to the left lol so index finger feels more natural

This exactly.
Quote by :Vicious--
im on laptop.

middle for mouse, index for clicking

i am a better person now

I must be weird because I use my index for mouse and the side of my thumb for clicking.
Both at the same time, as I'm on a netbook. When I actually use a mouse, then index.
I use my index for the scrolling, but sometimes that finger gets tired so I switch to the middle. The internet is tough work.
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I didn't even know people actually use their index finger for scrolling

That is so uncomfortable.
I use my middle finger so I can have my index to stimulate her.... oh wait.
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I use both my middle and index finger to scroll, its really weird, one moment its my index finger the next it's my middle finger
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I use my middle. I thought I used my index, so I tried it. It feels weird.

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Laptop. I use my index to scroll and usually to click. Since I just have to tap the touch pad to click it makes sense to just use the same finger I scroll with.

I occasionally switch to my middle finger if I'm scrolling a lot. Mostly just to give my index finger a bit of a break.
Depends on the mouse I'm using. Right now, middle is for scrolling.
I have a laptop, and it varies. I use my middle finger to scroll whilst clicking, and alternate between my middle and index fingers the rest of the time. I voted index, though, as that's what I was using at the time.
middle finger only.

*looks at poll results*

what the hell is wrong with you people?
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Index for left-clicking, middle for the wheel, and ring finger for the right clicking.

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If I'm using the touch pad thingy on the laptop I use my index but if I'm using a mouse with a scroll thing then I use my middle finger.
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Index finger after I tried, but I had thought I used my middle

Same here
Index finger for left clicking, scrolling with my middle finger, and my ring finger for right clicking. Doing it any othe way means you are a noob.

I've got a bit of a carry over from bass playing happening I think. I alternate between middle and forefingers...
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I... I don't know... I can't tell now. They both feel awkward.

Damn you, TS!
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