hey me nd another guitarist are having trouble with the drums on one of our riffs.
i put it on my profile. give it a listen, nd maybe u can give us some ideas or advice or something please. and its probly aksing to much, but if u could even make us a idea on some drum machine and send it to us we apreciate it.


Tell your guitarist to play with a metronome or something. When he bends, the song comes off tempo.
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Just a bit of guesswork, but I felt it out the same way I do at practices before writing a beat for a song, and I'd say quarters on a looser-ish hi-hat, with the snare on two and four, and the bass drum following all the notes on the guitar that the snare doesn't. Just start from there, and then work from there with fills.
id say do quarter notes on high hat half open or all the way open and hit snare on 2 and 4. bass drum kinda for something simple to go along with. pretty much a basic rock thing. you need a metronome. that or high hat on quarter notes and you count this part im about to say in triplets so 3 notes every quarter note if you dont know what im talking about. so it goes (bass, bass, snare) (same) (same) and floor tom, snare and bass drum all together for 3 times in the one quarter note. or fill in that time. the second part is more complex. and since your using a drum machine it just be simple to do a typical rock beat with 2 and 4 snare and high hat for ever quarter note. also real drummers are very helpful. cause you could do a whole bunch of different drum rhythms on it.
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we have a drummer, but he cant find anything that goes along wit it well
Would you be able to tab it out or provide the intended rhythm here (ie. Q Q S S .etc.)? It's difficult to tell exactly what sort of phrasing you're going for by the recording uploaded.
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we have a drummer, but he cant find anything that goes along wit it well
I am a drummer, and I think you basically need to follow what me and Matosh.Lee said; do quarter notes on a partially open hi-hat. Put the snare on beats 2 and 4, and then have the bass drum follow all the guitar notes that the snare doesn't. Have your drummer try that, and then work from there.