So I accidentally took my phone travelling with me and now the screen is broken. I've got an 18 month contract with ages left on it. If I take it to the shop will they rape me or something with charges or is best I just by a cheap phone and stick the SIM card in it?
you'll have to buy a new phone outright or send that one to get fixed.. if its still under warranty it'll be cheap/free, but if not it might be better to just get a new phone..

good luck
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What carrier do you use? If it's ATT or TMobile, yuo can buy a prepay phone and stick the sim card in it. However, yuo do have a 1 year free manufacturer warrenty for pretty much every cell phone.

You have to go from ATT>ATT or TMO>TMO, yuo can't cross over.

/me is a phone salesman.
You can just buy a used phone on ebay or something really cheap, thats what I did when I broke mine the last time, I got an LG Rumor, which has a full slideout keyboard and is pretty nice for $50.
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Yeah, when I break my phones (I have Verizon Wireless) I just hit up CraigsList and get a used phone and just activate it in my number.

I had a Voyager, its screen cracked and hinge broke, I bought another for $80, traded that for a Dare. Now I'm looking into getting a Versa.. My contract ends in Oct, so I get a BRAND new phone then